Review sprouts hope for urban farmers

Jean Snow sells her vegetables on her deck.

A Dartmouth gardener is hoping the municipality will make it easier for people who want to run urban farms.
Jean Snow grows fruits and vegetables on her downtown Dartmouth property and her neighbours' land. She sells her produce on her deck.

Technically, Lake City Farm is in violation of municipal rules. As a home business, Snow should be operating strictly out of her house and on her own land.

Snow says it's time for a change.

"They can't come and give me money at my driveway … or I can't plant carrots at a garden over on Hawthorne Street or over on Slayter Street and bring them here and have someone buy them from me? That's illogical," she said.

Snow and several other proponents of urban farming are trying to convince the Halifax Regional Municipality to relax the rules.

Municipal staff will present their recommendations to the Harbour East community council this fall.
In the meantime, Snow worries that the HRM will crack down on her if someone complains. She said she's kept municipal officials informed of her operation.

"It makes me nervous because this is my livelihood and we've invested a lot of time and money in the last three years and it just doesn't make sense and I just want it to be promoted," she said.


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